Thursday, October 14, 2010

PRINCIPLES OF TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: MECHANISMS FOR … N RENIUTZ-URSOIU, M MUSAN OF TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: MECHANISMS FOR SECURING OBLIGATIONS INCUMBENT TO PUBLIC BODIESNAOMI RENIUTZ-URSOIU1 AND MIHAELA MUSANNational School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest,RomaniaAbstract The principles of transparency and accountability are closely interconnected and both of them related to the concept of ‗rule of law‘. From a broader perspective they are inherent to any legal system which is protecting the individual from the discretionary powers of the state‘s machinery. An important role in securing (public) obligations, safeguarding and further developing the principle of accountability is played by the 'fourth power' institutions promoters of a good administration, engaging new standards of conduct of ethical, institutional and also legal nature.Key words: Transparency, Accountability, Public institutions, Ombudsman, Court of Audit.

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