Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Former Canadian prime ministers Brian Mulroney, left, Joe Clark, second from left, Paul Marin and Kim Campbell. (CP PHOTO/Aaron Harris)

Even former prime ministers deplore Canadian's lack of engagement in and cynicism towards the political process.

Page A3 of the Globe and Mail of February 22/07 carries a report on a conversation four former prime ministers, Clark, Campbell, Mulroney, and Martin, had as part of a CBC TV program “The New Great Prime Minister”.

All four wrestled with discussions on “the realities of engaging an increasingly disengaged citizenry” in the political process. They agreed that “this disconnect between government and governed” was a cause for worry.

None of the prime ministers appeared to propose a solution to their concerns.

But this is exactly the problem the Nova Scotia Right to Know Coalition wants to confront. We want the public to be aware of their rights to information from government under freedom of information legislation. We think that as they become better informed they will become reengaged with public issues and more inclined to vote.

The Nova Scotia Government could start by removing the unreasonable fees for using our Freedom of Information Act which are now the highest in Canada. It could also help by exercising the kind of transparency and accountability our Act demands of it.

The coalition needs the support of the public. They can help enormously by writing the Premier’s Office as well as their MLAs urging them to take action in support of our campaign.