Monday, October 25, 2010

New Canadian Journal on Human Rights

The University of Manitoba is going to publish the new, peer-reviewed Canadian Journal of Human Rights. Launch is scheduled for the spring of 2011.

From the "about" page:

[The CJHR is] a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal of law and policy with a national and international scope… [T]he CJHR seeks to attract human rights research from around the world. From queer rights in Africa and Aboriginal rights in Australia to the European Court of Human Rights and Human Rights tribunals in Canada, we will explore varied areas of research from diverse perspectives.

The nascent journal is seeking submissions and has set out their requirements. They don't say what sort of copyright arrangement they expect; and they don't address whether the journal will be freely available online or not. I'd hope that in this day and age, a brand new journal would be open access or would clearly enable its authors to lodge their articles in open access repositories.

It looks as if the CJHR site is planning to blog human rights news on a weekly basis. The feed for this blog is at, though the URL is not listed on the site.