Friday, October 22, 2010

A quick thanks to Simon Fodden of Slaw

Just a note to thank Simon Fodden of Slaw for his post on the Coalition. We have been around for a while on the web but maybe a little too far under the radar. Our site is relatively static, it is the CV or bio for the Coalition with connections for anyone interested in joining. The news blog is basically our water cooler and always has something new on it. There is so much FOI news content generated every day, it would be a full time job to keep up with it all but we try to key an eye on the best of what is going on.

FYI, our site is up and running fine. We had a little hiccup with a behind the scenes URL switch and Simon must have chosen the brief downtime window to try and visit. It was unfortunate that the timing came just after the Right to Know Forum hosted by the Coalition at the end of September. I'm sure more than a few people ran into the same issue as Simon after getting interested in us.