Friday, April 15, 2011

Request for input re: New Brunswick's decision to remove fees for information requests under the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act

The provincial government of New Brunswick is accepting statements concerning its decision to remove all regulations concerning the collection of fees for right to information requests until April 29th, 2011.


The New Brunswick Regulation 2010-111 under the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and details of the amendments can be found at:






If members in New Brunswick have comments or concerns, they may send them to:


Joanne Fletcher

Supply & Services

(506) 457-6822


The University of New Brunswick has limited experience with access to information requests as New Brunswick universities are only to be subject to the Act as of September 1st 2011. The University Secretariat at UNB is concerned about the government's decision as it would prevent the University from recovering costs associated with the search and production of records.


In hope of providing the provincial government with sufficient information about the impact that the removal of fees would have for NB universities, I am wondering whether members would be willing and able to share their experience or opinions concerning the consequences of the removal of fees.


What impact would the removal of fees have on the number of requests your institution receives? Are there grounds for expecting that there would be a greater number of requests without fees?


Are there any members at other universities who have statistics on the average cost of staff time spent on searches and the average cost for the printing/copying of records?


Any input is most welcome and can be provided offline by contacting me at:


Gavin Moore

Right to Information Coordinator

University Secretariat

University of New Brunswick

Tel: (506) 453-4710


I will provide an update on this issue with an overview of any responses I receive.



Gavin Moore