Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Rookie councillor looking for clarity - Watts wants city staff to explain rules for meetings

Rookie councillor looking for clarity 
Watts wants city staff to explain rules for meetings

Sun, Mar 6 - 4:53 AM

Jennifer Watts says rules regarding meetings at Halifax city hall, which potentially affect transparency in the decision-making process, are cloudy at best.

And the first-term councillor wants to know this: when does a gathering of municipal politicians constitute an official meeting of regional council? Should informal, educational sessions with elected officials and others be open to the public?

Watts, who represents Connaught-Quinpool, said Saturday that she'd like Halifax Regional Municipality's staff to clarify regulations concerning meetings between councillors, proponents of various projects, community interest groups and city employees.

Her request for a staff report explaining the rules is on the agenda for Tuesday's council meeting.

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